Northeast Michigan's only full-service FBO, Monday - Friday 0700 to 1900, Saturday 0800 - 1800, Sunday 1200 - 1600, after-hours service available 24/7. We have three large, heated hangars with over 20,000 square feet of space. Full service 100 Low-Lead and Jet-A fuels from our trucks. Type 1 deice, 28 VDC Ground Power Unit, forklift for support of freight operations. Comfortable crew and passenger lobby areas, flight planning, wireless Wi-Fi throughout the facility. The Alpena County Regional Airport has a 9001 x 150 foot main runway with an ILS, a 5001 x 150 crosswind runway, control tower and approach control, on-site US Customs, easy two minute taxi in and out, low traffic with many services makes this a great training airport for any type of aircraft or operation.